Babylon Honey Silk Shampoo

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Babylon Honey Silk Shampoo
Volume | 1500ml

Babylon Honey Silk Shampoo


Product Characteristics

It is a well-being shampoo with excellent moisture retention.
It protects hair with conditioning complex and cleanses the impurities mildly but thoroughly.
Silk amino acids help improve hair condition.

Promote hair elasticity

- It is absorbed into hair and scalp without irritation.
It makes hair firm by protecting cuticles and scalp.

Systematic moisturizing effect

- It helps maintain the balance between moisture and oil. It does not irritate the scalp.
It prevents itchiness and other problems. It also helps retain moisture.

How to use

Wet the hair first and then apply the appropriate amount of shampoo on the hair and scalp till it foams. Massage it gently and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.